Dr. Vanessa Lapointe, R. Psych. and founder of The Wishing Star Lapointe Developmental Clinic, is an experienced and celebrated presenter. Her depth of knowledge and personalized delivery, complete with humour and compassion, have her traveling nationally and internationally to speak with audiences all over the world.

All of Dr. Vanessa’s workshops have at their core a focus on encouraging hope, nurturing resiliency, and awakening a collective drive for professionals and parents to be the best they can be for our children. Dr. Vanessa is passionate about championing consciousness, development, and attachment as THE way to understand and make sense of children.

Please email team@drvanessalapointe.com more about Dr. Vanessa’s speaking, and to find out additional information about how to book her to come and present at your event.

Dr. Vanessa is also pleased to have several amazing Wishing Star colleagues who are also seasoned presenters, and who enjoy connecting with community in this way to give “our” children the best we can.

Please feel free to contact our office directly to discuss the needs of your specific group. We will make sure your group feels supported in championing families and children.