Dr. Catalina Zilveti

Dr. Catalina Zilveti is a Mental Health Clinician who holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the New York Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology. She brings to The Wishing Star a long history of rich career experiences in the practice of psychology, working with a wide array of clients from different cultures with a client centered approach. She employs an eclectic style in counseling, adapted to each individual’s needs, using an extensive toolset in order to best support whatever is presenting for each client. Dr. Catalina is very experienced and skilled in working with clients experiencing emotional challenges including trauma, depression, anxiety, anger, frustration and stress. She strives to empower her clients, enabling them to use their individual strengths to stand on their own and live their lives to their fullest.

Dr. Catalina is passionate about working with children and adolescents who struggle with a wide range of behavioural and emotional challenges, and is especially keen to support their parents. She specializes in – and truly enjoys – utilizing therapy through play in order to allow for behaviours and emotions to be ideally expressed without words or even conscious thought.

Dr. Catalina is a strong advocate of the parent-child relationship. Indeed, for Dr. Catalina, working with children means working with their parents as an absolute default. Using an attachment-based and developmental perspective, she seeks always to assist parents in accessing their intuitive expertise, and developing the knowledge and confidence that will enable them to provide experiences and environments for their children which ultimately foster healthy development, adaptation, growth and relationships.

Dr. Catalina has recently relocated to British Columbia and while she completes her application for reciprocal registration with the BC College of Psychologists her work is being supervised directly by Dr. Vanessa Lapointe, R. Psych., #1856.