Dr. Erin van der Pauw, R. Psych. (#1804)

Dr. Erin van der Pauw is a Registered Psychologist and holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from William James College (Boston, MA) and a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Yale University. She brings to The Wishing Star over a decade of working with young people struggling with a range of behavioural and emotional challenges, and provides both treatment and psychological assessments.

Her areas of clinical interest include: behaviour challenges, emotional regulation, anxiety, depression, self-esteem/self-image, and trauma. Erin utilizes a variety of therapeutic approaches, informed by empirical data and tailored to meet the needs and style of her clients. At the heart of her practice is her belief that all individuals require safety, respect, and encouragement and support from others to reach their potential.

She is known for her gentle and compassionate interpersonal style, and she values the privilege of working alongside parents and young people as they come to know their strengths and grow in their ability to navigate their world.